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Young Student Selects School’s Safety Guard as Favorite Person for Costume Day in Kindergarten



The story of Easton Blocker and Jefferey Cross, the school security officer at Lester Elementary, has captured hearts everywhere.

Easton, a young kindergartener, had found his role model in Officer Cross and expressed his admiration on the school’s “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day”.

He donned a yellow shirt, black pants, and black shoes to exactly match Officer Cross’s uniform and proudly showed the entire school that the security officer was his favorite person.

Easton’s mother, Lauryn, supported her son’s admiration and even put “Junior Security” on the back of the shirt with vinyl letters.

When Officer Cross learned about Easton’s admiration, he was deeply touched. He told Good Morning America that the kindergartner’s innocence and high-spirited personality had a positive impact on him and made him appreciate his job even more. He realized that his duty to keep the children safe at school had a profound influence on the young boy.

The moment was shared on the Jacksonville North Pulaski School District’s Facebook page, where they captioned the photo.

Today is “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day” at Lester Elementary. Kindergarten scholar Easton dressed as Officer Cross, his favorite school security officer. 🖤💛”

This heartwarming story highlights the importance of role models and how anyone can be a hero to someone.

It reminds us that even the smallest acts of kindness, like a child’s admiration, can have a profound impact on someone’s life.

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